Turn Back the Hands of Time—Indeed Labs Retinol Reface

Wouldn’t we all like to turn back the hands of time? It’s my never ending quest too. Although I’m happy in my own skin, a little bit of a confidence boost can help you look years younger and I am a firm believer that every little helps.

I am no stranger to Indeed Labs products, as I have used Hydraluron, Snoxin, Nanoblur and Okrapeptide (phew!) It was of little surprise that when I saw their new product, Indeed Labs Retinol Reface, I fell instantly in lust with it, after having rated all of their other products so highly. Indeed Labs are a Canada based company who first came up on my radar when they introduced Nanoblur a few years ago, and have been creating very simplistic and no fuss creams/serums to target specific areas on the face.

Devised over 40 years ago, retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and was initially used as a treatment for severe acne. While it helped to cure acne, dermatologists noticed it also had miraculous effects on the skin: sun spots and wrinkles also faded. It works by re-starting the production of collagen, and we all know this is what our skins need to remain plump and youthful. It also safeguards the skin from collagenase, i.e. an enzyme triggered by sunlight that breaks down collagen.

In an ideal scenario you would need to make a lifelong commitment to using a retinol based product.  It will take anywhere between two to six months for any real visible differences to show.

With all this in mind, I was prepared to try it out and having read so much about its ability to literally turn back the clock; it was a commitment I was only too willing to make. However, my one concern with using a retinol based product was that it can be very drying. After all, it was originally created to eradicate acne. Retinol Reface is unique in its formula as it contains three differing forms of retinol.

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What Indeed Labs Have to Say:

Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A is considered to be one of the most effective ingredients in helping to reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging.  Retinol Reface contains not one but 3 forms of retinol to help deliver softer, smoother looking skin, while targeting the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.  Unlike many other retinol products, Retinol Reface is moisturising and non-irritating: no peeling, dryness or redness.

Directions:  Apply a small amount of Retinol Reface after cleansing.  Use only at night.

Retinol RA (Rapid Action). Is an exclusive rapid action formula to accelerate retinol activities for rapid results, and in doing so helps to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinol Micro-spheres. A soft pure retinol encapsulated in plant based microspheres that slowly release over time. This retinol has a low irritant potential while maintaining efficacy.

Retinol-like peptide. A multi-faceted, anti aging peptide that provides the same benefits as traditional retinol without irritation or discomfort.

What I have to Say:

I noticed upon application that it does offer a reasonable amount of moisture, and two pumps were adequate to cover my face and neck. I applied it a night as recommended, and followed it with my night cream over the top as usual and waited for the results!

I did after suffer from a few breakouts for the first two weeks. Though, as opposed to being concerned, I was reassured that it working to reveal fresher and more rejuvenated skin by increasing cellular turnover.  One month on and the breakouts are no more. My skin looks to have more of an even tone, devoid of the redness or tightness I had expected from a retinol product. All things considered, I will continue to use it, as it as I like the way my skin is looking and if the hands of time can be frozen for a few more years all the better!

So watch this space…

Sarah x

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