A Day in the Life of: Sarah Jane Watson

There are some people who you have the good fortune to meet on the path through life, who just are the most gentle spirited souls, who inspire calm and tranquility by just their mere presence, and Sarah Jane is one of those people. Any interactions I have had with her have such a spiritual and almost zen like quality, therefore it’s only fitting that she should be a massage therapist, bringing harmony through therapy within the comfort of your own home.

In her own words:

“Sarah began her massage tuition in the mid-nineties with world-renowned pioneer Clare Maxwell-Hudson. After graduating she assisted Clare on her diploma course during which she qualified as an aromatherapist and started to further her knowledge of different massage techniques.

Her commitment is to bring the highest quality and luxurious treatments to people’s homes. A member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists, her continual professional development ensures clients receive the very best the industry has to offer.

She is passionate about massage and is a firm believer in the positive effects that regular treatments can have.

Her work is trusted by some of the top people in the health and beauty industry and she is known for her high standards of care, calm manner and professionalism”.

Sarah Jane Watson

A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane Watson:

Early mornings are my favourite time of the day. It’s my time to be quiet, to still my mind before I begin preparations for the day ahead.

My midmornings are spent at Danceworks studios in central London and once a week I do one to one Pilates in The City. I have a fascination with the body and its movements and I learn so much from my dance and Pilates teachers.

I come home and prepare some lunch, catch up on emails and then wash and change for work. This routine works so well for me as the most popular time for clients to have their massages is afternoons and evenings.

I visit people in their homes, bringing everything that is needed to create a restful atmosphere for their treatment. I really enjoy creating a beautiful space for them adding touches such as candlelight, scented sprays and music. Seeing my clients in their homes enables a proper relationship to be built and I am able to get a real understanding of their needs and how best to serve them.

I want my clients to feel they have received something special and luxurious. It has to be a real treat for the senses with beautiful fragrant oils, quality in the touch and provide the utmost comfort. Even if I have seen some of my clients for many years I still approach each massage with the same amount of attention as their first treatment. I generally work quite deeply and my movements are very rhythmical. After the treatment clients can just wrap themselves up in their gown and relax quietly with a tea while I pack up and slip out of the house.

During the week I may go to see aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil, whose essential oil blends I use, and pick up client orders from her Therapie range. I’ve known Michelle for years and she is the most sophisticated blender in the business. She is also able to make me up bespoke products if I need something specific to help support a client. Time permitting we’ll have a tea and a chat and it’s always exciting to hear about any new developments she is working on.

I’ve been treating people professionally now for over 15 years. I trained with Clare Maxwell-Hudson. She was a pioneer and lead figure in changing the perception of massage and promoting its benefits. Not only did she teach the art of massage but put at the forefront of her teaching how important it was to care for clients and how to be in their presence.

I would say to anyone who wishes to train as a massage therapist to find a proper accredited course and go and meet the teachers before signing up. During your training it’s a really good idea to go and have massages with different therapists and record your experience. As therapists we must never forget what it feels like to be the client. You can note down everything from their manner and cleanliness to the handling of your body. That way you will learn what makes a really good therapist and what constitutes a great treatment.

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